About Us

Founded in 2010, ALCE PLACEMENTS has grown to become one of the leading permanent recruitment services operating out of Bangalore and servicing clients all over India.

The focus is on superior, sustained and consistent talent acquisition, hiring solutions and value added services across different levels and functions to:



Leading MNCs

Joint Ventures

Domestic companies

Indian International Companies

We also do contract staffing (consultants and contractors enrolled in our rolls) and working for leading companies.

English Language has assumed global importance. It is the most important element of “Employability Skills”. Good command over English not only improves job prospects it also ensures career growth and higher salaries.

why choose us ?

We at Impact in Bangalore spend as much time on teaching students as on research. Our expert trainers keep on experimenting and trying to find new Ideas and ways to make you learn English fast.

  • Experienced Faculty
  • Personalised Attention to all Trainees
  • Convenient timings and small batch sizes
  • Periodic assessment & evaluation of progress achieved and feedback
  • State of the Art class rooms with Audio-Visual aids
  • Pleasant and cheerful environment
The old study methods as compared to ours are either boring or ineffective. If you will go through our program you will understand that you've never used English training program like this before.
The faculty members are experts within their respective fields who know the appropriate ways and methods of teaching average as well as weak students. Our entire classes are diverse, relevant and interesting to the students’ needs and prove to be lot of fun.